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Asbestos Testing Sydney

Asbestos Inspection

Common Sense Question!

When is the last time you took a look inside your attic? Better yet, when is the last time anyone inspected your attic? The final common sense questions would be; are you cold in the winter more than usual or warmer in summer than you should be? Do you often wonder where that occasional draft is coming from when it's snowing outside? That said, asbestos is a fairly common word that most people know. But many folks may not know that the asbestos in your attic, flooring and walls is probably the single most critical work-related cause of lung disease. And it's not just the asbestos stuff in your home that is dangerous for people who work in mines and construction business as well.

It's Time For An Asbestos Inspection!

If you own a home or business one of the best things you can do for yourself and employees, is to have a complete asbestos inspection done by a professional who does inspections for a living; not your uncle Bill who would most likely only shine a dim light through the portal opening and yell "things look okay to me." The fact is, folks, that in case you missed the memo, this is the year 2016, and for a long time, many options have arrived where you don't have to use asbestos for insulation or anything else. So unless you want to join the one million plus boat who each year will have or be exposed to those nasty asbestos fibers that if inhaled on a regular basis, can kill you.

Note: There is no cure for asbestos poisoning but if you work in a related business where asbestos is still used and want to stay alive, have a regular, rigorous screening done to reduce any possibilities.